Do I Need a Will?

A recent Harris Poll found that 64% of Americans do not have a will.  We have always thought that the reason is that people just do not like to talk about their death.  It is important to remember that if you do not make a will, the State of Missouri has already made one for you.  You may or may not like what the state has decided for your assets at the time of your death, but the inheritance of your estate will either be handled by you or by the government.  Additionally, there are other assets that need your attention such as an IRA, 401(k), real estate, possible gifts to your church or charity, red tape in courts, income tax, state tax, and numerous other potential problems that can be resolved during your lifetime or will be handled on a more expensive basis after you are gone.  Whatever your choice, the important issue is to look seriously at all of the assets that you have acquired during your life and make a decision, not leaving things to chance.  If you want your estate left in a certain fashion, then it is up to you to make that happen.