Do I Need a Trust?

Many clients ask the attorneys at Checkett & Pauly if they need a trust or if their estate is big enough for a trust.  There is no simple answer.  A revocable trust is the cornerstone of many estate plans.  Such a trust can be altered, amended, or revoked at any time.  A revocable trust is there to administer your property in the event you become disabled or upon your death.  There are alternatives to a revocable trust, such as titling assets jointly or having everything pass through your Last Will and Testament.   Those alternatives, however, may have negative consequences.  Retitling assets jointly or TOD, do not provide a vehicle to administer your assets if you are disabled or in a nursing home.  A Last Will and Testament also does not provide for a lifetime asset administration and requires a probate administration.  The answer to who needs a trust depends on the person, their family, their assets, and most importantly their wants and needs.  A revocable living trust is inexpensive, totally private, and leaves all decisions to you and your family.  Please contact Checkett & Pauly for an appointment to discuss trusts as an alternative in your estate plan.