What if My Car Gets Repossessed Before I Can File?

No one likes to file bankruptcy. It is for that reason and perhaps others that many of our clients put off filing bankruptcy until there is an emergency, sometimes too late. It is not unusual for Checkett & Pauly to get panicked phone calls from potential clients explaining that a lender has repossessed a necessary vehicle before they have filed their bankruptcy. The good news is that this is an emergency that can be resolved, particularly in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We can often use the Bankruptcy Code to force a lender to return a validly repossessed vehicle so that our client can successfully get a fresh start and a successful Chapter 13 debt reorganization. The moral of the story is that while some emergencies can be fixed, do not wait until the last minute. However, if circumstances are such that you do not get the bankruptcy filed before repossession, please be sure to call Checkett & Pauly immediately, because there will not be a minute to spare.