Will My Bankruptcy Affect My Spouse’s Credit

A credit report should reveal if you and your spouse are jointly liable on any debts.  At least theoretically, your bankruptcy will not affect the credit score of a spouse who does not file with you.  It is important to remember that your spouse is not liable for your debts unless there was a written obligation such as a joint credit card application or a joint loan.  An easy way to find out, although not 100% effective, is to look at the monthly bill when it comes in.  Credit card companies and banks cannot put someone’s name on a bill unless they are jointly liable.  If only your name is on the charge account, then your spouse is not liable.  If both of your names are on the monthly statement from the car lender, then you are both liable.  Your bankruptcy should not show up on your spouse’s credit report or affect your spouse’s credit score.  Check your credit reports at the three credit agencies after your bankruptcy is filed.  As always, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help you analyze the big picture and guide you through these financial considerations.