Debt consolidation, not debt settlement, is a proceeding by which you obtain a new loan to pay off all of your old loans. The terms of the loan may be different, but you still owe the same amount of money. A debt consolidation may be a good idea, but be sure to read all of the fine print so that you do not make your financial future worse.
The attorneys at Checkett & Pauly can help you with a debt settlement, also called a debt workout. Using this alternative, the amount of your debt is actually reduced due to the negotiations of Checkett & Pauly. Our attorneys are typically contacted once a credit card company files a lawsuit. We have decades of experience in negotiations with credit card companies and other lenders. We can also defend lawsuits filed against you by credit card companies and other lenders. It is important that you use experienced legal counsel in all such actions because not only are the terms of the settlement important, but any forgiven debt may result in adverse income tax consequences. The attorneys at Checkett & Pauly know all of the ins and outs of such negotiations and are ready to help you with this non-bankruptcy debt relief alternative.