The American Bar Association Has Created a Free Phone App Called “My Health Care Wishes”

This app enables you to store your durable power of attorney and living will on your phone and present these documents by email or Bluetooth. They are just a valid as an original signed paper form of the document. There are two versions, the Pro version for $3.99, which allows unlimited storage, and the free app, which stores only one person’s information.
Checkett & Pauly tries hard to make sure that all of its clients understand that advance directives are only good if the family can find them when the time arises. The “My Health Care Wishes” app from the ABA solves the problem when the family faces an emergency but cannot find the documents.
As a public service, Checkett & Pauly will guide any of its clients through the ABA app download system for free. You do not need an appointment. You can simply come by the office at any time or just call and we will be glad to assist you with this important step in your lifetime financial and health planning.