Do I Need a Living Will?

Living wills are often called medical directives or may be part of a healthcare power of attorney.   A living will is also a close relative of a Do Not Resuscitate Order.  Twenty-five years ago the idea of a living will or advance directive was quite controversial.  However, in this day and age almost every estate planning client who comes to Checkett & Pauly wants to be sure there will be no heroic medical procedures when they are clinically dead with no chance for recovery.  It is important that you have a well drafted and comprehensive living will.  In our experience the living will forms that are given out by hospitals and over the Internet are a poor substitute for what really needs to take place in a time of emergency.  Your family and physicians must know your wishes.  A living will coupled with a healthcare directive is a straight forward document that will save you and your family both heartache and thousands of dollars.