Why Not Use the Internet for an Estate Plan?

Remember that an estate plan will be employed to distribute all of the assets left after your decades of hard work, paying taxes, paying bills, and raising a family.  This is not the time for amateurs or the Internet.  Remember that the Internet is not a magic box that creates documents.  There is someone at the other end of the website, likely with no training and likely unlicensed, who is putting the documents together.  An estate plan is not just documents; it is a “plan” of how to handle your assets and your family if you are alive but incapacitated and upon death.  At Checkett & Pauly you do not just get forms but the following services:

·        Consultation with an attorney

·        Draft of documents with full outline and glossary of terms. 

·        Second Consultation with an attorney

·        Preparation of final documents

·        Preparation and verification of deeds and legal descriptions

·        Final consultation with third explanation of estate plan and all forms

·        Your estate plan is stored remotely so that it is available to your family at any time.

·        Receipt of full summary of estate plan so that you can quickly and easily see how everything works.

·        Checkett & Pauly files deeds and makes all real estate transactions

·        Preparation of directions and letters for your stock broker

·        Preparation of directions and letters for your bank

Checkett & Pauly is in its third generation.  The fourth generation of attorneys has recently started.  There will be attorneys at Checkett & Pauly to help your family for many decades to come.  Can anyone on the Internet say that? 


The death of any close family or friend is always a traumatic time.  However, once there has been a proper funeral and burial you must attend to certain legal and financial matters, such as:

·        Contact estate planning attorney

·        Notify Social Security Administration

·        Obtain copies of life insurance policies

·        Notify credit card companies

·        Notify pension or IRA plan administrators

·        Review jointly owned assets

·        Speak with attorney about publishing notice to creditors in local    newspaper

·        File federal and state estate tax returns within nine months of death

·        Obtain certified copy of death certificate

·        Direct an estate planning attorney to file Last Will and Testamen with the probate court

·        Notify tax preparer

·        Identify assets and their value effective date of death

·        File and prepare last income tax returns

·        Review beneficiary designations with estate planning attorney

·        Review current insurance policies and future insurance needs

·        Review inherited IRA and possible alternatives

·        Update your own estate plan