Chuck Pauly and Kevin Checkett each have more than 38 years of experience in various aspects of real estate transactions.  We have represented owners, developers, investors and lenders in the entire spectrum from simple to complex real estate transactions including acquisitions and dispositions; development and construction; leasing and warehousing; lending and finance; joint ventures; land use; environmental and ancillary services.  In those representations, we have handled real estate transactions in at least twenty eight states. 

Our clients include various corporations, individuals, real estate developers and investors, and financial institutions.  We routinely assist clients in acquisitions and sales of raw land, buying, leasing, constructing and selling industrial and commercial properties, financing transactions, demolitions, developments and employee relocations.    

The attorneys at Checkett & Pauly bring years of experience and impressive credentials to every real estate transaction.  Yet our objective is to provide our clients with practical and cost efficient service.  As we are based in a small Midwestern town, we do not have the overhead structure associated with firms in large cities and those with multiple offices.  Consequently, we are able to provide our Missouri based clients billing rates significantly lower than real estate lawyers at national and regional law firms in all manner of real estate matters.