An apology with a thank you...
"Kevin I want to apologize for taking so long in returning the paperwork needed to process my case, but I also want to thank you for handling everything for me."

Bankruptcy Client | June 2014


Mariann, Thank you for all the help you were to me during my very stressful bankruptcy. The first time I came into your office I was suffering from embarrassment and strong feelings of failure. Having never filed bankruptcy before this was very traumatic for me. But, in about 5 minutes you put me at ease. I don't know what I expected. I guess I thought you would say "Shame on you, go stand in the corner for 1/2 hour, and by the way you can not have any chocolate for a month." You and your office treated me like I was actually a nice person. Hey thanks.
The points that made me feel comfortable and that I came to trust were:
       Your warm smile.
       You looked me in the eye
       You were relaxed and laid back (like we were just talking over a cup of coffee, oh yea we were)
       You took the time to explain any questions I had
I have been in need of a lawyer before (nothing criminal). This is what I experienced:
       Brief glance
       Stuffy suit
       Eyes glued to the humongous desk that separated us
       The yea, yea, I will get back to you on that
Hmmmm...and I PAID for that treatment.
I just want you, Melissa and Wendy to know  that you all did a splendid job of performing a service I needed and also became new friends. Now that is a value added service.
Again thanks and I will recommend your office to everyone I can.

Bankruptcy Client | April 9, 2014


Our experience was wonderful with Kevin. 
We gave him little to start with, but that didn't stop him. He was always professional and courteous. He was able to put so much pressure on the other party that they had to sell the property and pay us off. Thank you Kevin for everything, if need be we would use you again in the future.

Mike & Beckie | March 28,2014


Bankruptcy???  Having being in business for over thirty years, I never viewed bankruptcy as an option. I thought it was for those who were poor managers of their money and resources.  Then in 2009 the recession came and I remember the politician’s words, that this was a temporary bump in the road, well in our world the road was gone!  It was not a recession it was a depression!

It was through a friend that I was recommend to Kevin Checkett at the Checkett and Pauly Law Firm.  During our first meeting we looked at the several business we owned, talked about several options including bankruptcy.  Kevin and his office then put together a plan that worked well within our situation, in no way did I feel like Bankruptcy was a one size fits all, the plan was strategically tailored to our person situation.

The process has taken over a year and has not been without obstacles, but every step of the way Kevin, Maryann, Melissa, Wendy and the Staff have made this a very bearable event.  Most of all with this new start I have been able to keep my dignity and the respect of my peers, including the respect of several of my creditors.

I would highly recommend Kevin’s and the Staff of Checkett and Pauly to anyone that finds themselves in a situation, where though little or no fault of their own, it appears that there are no options. 

Thank you again for the fresh start.

Bankruptcy Client | October 2, 2013


Mariann Morgan, Thank you for your services. You did an excellent job.

Letter From Client | September 17, 2013


When I came to see Kevin I thought there wasn't any hope for my financial future and the situation that I was in after my recent divorce but from the very first appointment with Kevin until he personally called me to tell me that my Bankruptcy case was finished, he made me feel like everything was going to be okay and I remember walking out of his office after that first meeting feeling like the weight had already been lifted! I was able to email and call Kevin just like he was a personal friend and he always made me feel welcome. Kevin's entire staff is an awesome group of folks and were all very helpful and willing to do whatever it takes. Before I even knew about Kevin I visited with a very high profile Bankruptcy attorney in Springfield and he basically told me I better figure out how to make my situation work with the bank and left me feeling like I had no hope. When I went to see Kevin and walked out of his office after that first meeting I felt like a new person and that I was going to be alright. Words can't express how impressive Kevin and his staff are and how he was able to get my case closed and provide me with a new outlook and fresh start on life! I would recommend Kevin to anyone that even thinks about bankruptcy to go see him.

Posted by a bankruptcy client to YP for business | September 5, 2013


He listens to what your legal needs are then, gives you options to choose from in order for him to provide the best legal services he can to work for you. If miscommunication occurs between him and you he's not too proud to say they messed up and correct it in your favor. Highly recommend his services. 

Posted by a client | April 24, 2013 


I would highly recommend Kevin Checkett for his service regarding my family trust and prenuptial agreement. Kevin was very sincere with me and had my best interest at heart. I trusted him completely. I highly recommend his services. Peace

Posted by an Estate Planning client on Lawyers.com | January 21, 2013 


They were always available for any questions I had. Quick responses and very polite. I'd recommend this team to anyone!

Posted by a Client on Lawyers.com | November 28, 2012 


Mr. Checkett took my case on very short notice and immediately began working on a dismissal. I was in a unique situation regarding someone else's Bankruptcy case and it felt great to have someone else on & "fighting for my side". After a couple of hurdles, a few dates pushed back, we finally received the answer we had hoped for. Mr. Checkett and his staff was always courteous and accommodating when I was present in their offices.The only inconvenience was my commute from Springfield to Carthage.

Testimonial by a Small Business Client | August 21, 2012   


A guiding light in a very dark time.
Kevin Checkett is not a good man of any sorts he is a great one he doesn't go about his day in mediocrity and contentment he doesn't view each client as another opportunity to make some quick money that is usually associated with shady bankruptcy attorneys. Kevin Checkett is a hero in his profession. Kevin sees his clients not as a number but each one as an individual and a friend. The man who I call Kevin Checkett is also a friend of mine. I came to his office earlier this year with a sea of questions and in doubt of anyone who said they had the answer because it was a very dark time for my wife and I. Kevin brought us in and not only counseled us but gave us the avenues to better ourselves. After our meeting with Kevin we realised that we were in trouble which is not a good situation to be in during these trying economic times. When we spoke with Kevin and he explained that there were many different routes that could lead us in the right direction by answering our biggest questions. Kevin and I discussed if bankruptcy was really what my wife and I wanted if it was truly our last option and what we had tried to do to get out of our current but worsening condition. We discussed that it can truly set a tied down family free it can give the much deserving families and individuals a second chance to start life debt free and let me tell you I was given a second chance and I am cherishing every moment by staying as far away as I can from debt. The bottom line Kevin Checkett and his awesome staff that he not only works with but treats like his own family are the best in the business and anyone would be missing out not to meet this family of people devoted to helping people better their lives.

Posted by a bankruptcy client to YP for business | January 14, 2010