When debtors file bankruptcy, usually they owe money to a bank or other lender. At Checkett & Pauly, P.C., our lawyers represent secured and unsecured creditors across the United States in bankruptcy filings in Springfield and Joplin, Missouri. We also represent law firms that need local counsel in a Missouri bankruptcy.
Our lawyers provide a broad range of services to creditors, including:

  • Challenging actions taken by the debtor that are not in the best interests of lenders
  • Placing liens on a debtor's property
  • Initiating foreclosure of houses and commercial real estate when the debtor is in default
  • Executing Replevin actions to recover vehicles when the debtor is delinquent on payments
  • Effecting garnishments of the debtor's wages and/or bank accounts
  • Taking collection actions
  • Launching fraudulent conveyance and preference litigation in bankruptcy and state court
  • Representing prospective purchasers in bankruptcy assets sales

In addition to protecting the rights of creditors against debtors, our lawyers will protect your rights against other secured or unsecured creditors. We are experienced trial attorneys who are willing and able to represent the interests of creditors in bankruptcy litigation.