Family law involves dissolution of marriage, division of assets and debts, payment of maintenance (often referred to as alimony), child custody, child support, and numerous other highly important issues. Many people think that terms laid out in a divorce are final and cannot be changed. However, some things can be amended with the help of modifications if circumstances change. If your ex-spouse is not letting you see your child(ren) according to the terms of a judgment, your have options to seek enforcement of that court order. Even before you and your spouse get to the point of divorce, you have options as well. A trial legal separation might be just what you need to address the problems within your marriage.
There is perhaps no more important case in the law than the custody of children. We will advise you of your options and counsel you throughout the case. The Missouri statutes set out a guideline for child custody should that be an issue in your case, but the final decision will be made by a judge. The trial attorneys of Checkett & Pauly will aggressively argue your custody and visitation position to the court in addition to any relevant division of property issues.
More exists in the area of family law than just divorce, child custody, and division of property.  If you are wanting to adopt a child, tackling the process on your own without the assistance of an attorney can be both daunting and frustrating. In Missouri, adoption is governed by Missouri Revised Statutes § 453. It provides guidelines and requirements that must be both followed and satisfied for a legal adoption. The attorneys at Checkett & Pauly can assist you through the wonderful experience of adding to your family.